Organizational Structure

The department is led by Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi and he is assisted by two senior lecturers – En. Norhisham Abdul Mutalib and Mohd Hisham Hashim.  Two officers are also attached to the department – Ms. Nur Amira Mat Kasim and Ms. Nor Irfah Razalli.  As the name implies, the department is responsible for carrying out tasks and activities related to executive education, internationalization and industrial linkages.  International marketing is also under the purview of IIIP Department.   








Professor Dr. Sulaiman Sajilan

"We focus on the quality Education, which can be clearly seen in our past work, functionality and usability."

Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi

Head of Department
"Actively participating in university, our staff are making a positive contribution to the community."

Professor Datu, Dr. Che Musa Omar

"We strongly promote continuous learning and training, keep updated with the latest news and techniques."

Professor Dato, Dr. Kamaruddin Mohd Nor

"We share our knowledge and skills through various tutorials with full and detailed explanations."

Professor Dr. Carl Wagner

" As a result, the lecture should be clean and well understandable, and each line should matters."


Senior Lecturer
"We know how support is important to the students. The response, therefore, should be fast and helpful"
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