Professor Dr. Darl Wagner


Professor of Management (Human Resource)
BA Sociology and Business Administration from the University of Munich
PhD University of Münster


ROF. DR. KARL WAGNER graduated both in Sociology and Business Administration from the University of Munich in 1987. Besides this, he was trained in numerous areas covering facilitation techniques, total quality management and team training. Since 1991, he had held several senior positions in the corporate sector before he became a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim / Germany in 1993. Since 1998, together with his Malaysian partners, Prof. Karl Wagner provided consultancy and training primarily in the field of human resource management (e.g. recruitment, development), leadership (e.g. silent cost analysis, motivation feasibility studies) and change management (e.g. the path from vision to action).
He was awarded a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service to research the former German Democratic Republic in Berlin. By his thesis on that topic, he took his German Ph.D. at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Münster in 1991 and spent the next three years as a HR-manager in industry. This was followed by another 10 years of teaching as professor at the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, specialising again in HR-management and organisational development. Prior to his position as a professor and consultant after the Berlin wall broke up, Prof. Karl Wagner was working as a project manager in the former Eastern Germany (GDR). Focusing on the partnership between the industry and the University, his intention is to bridge the gap between theory and practice to the mutual benefits of both sides. Besides taking care of several projects in industry, Prof. Karl Wagner also has been head of the study branch on Human Resource Management. Since 2000, he was the organiser for the first synergies forum between all colleagues of his state Bavaria.
Prof. Wagner was also responsible for the conceptualisation, planning and implementation of several flexi-time models in German industry. One of them, conducted for one of the most excellent internationally operating office furniture producer, saved the company 2.6 million RM within the first year of use.
Prof. Wagner also was responsible for conceptualising, planning and co-ordinating the implementation of some modern management proposal programs. He also implemented this model to his own university where lecturers, co-workers and students can share their creativity by proposals on the homepage by an integrated data bank. He is the founder president of the Human Resource Circle providing an internet platform for both his graduates and HR-managers who collaborate with the University in terms of practical projects and recruitment.
Since 2000, Prof. Dr. Karl Wagner has served as a resource person on HR management and CRM-projects to larger German companies like BMW, Steelcase Germany or the German Railway Company. He has conducted team workshops for some leading hospitals for professionals, teachers and students. 
During the last 10 years, Prof. Wagner has also received wide international exposure and reputation, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. Furthering on the applied side of science, he conducted inhouse workshops for corporate organisations like Siemens, Schott Glass Malaysia, Daimler Chrysler, the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce or the Pantai Hospital Group.
For several companies, he was responsible for team building and development. On a part-time basis, he became both lecturer and supervisor in different Universities, like UM, UMS, UPM and Herriot Watt University and as a consultant for the Senior Vice President of Open University Malaysia.
In 2009, Prof. Wagner became project leader of the Master in Green Building Energy and Management, an innovative study programme to be exported from Germany to Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which is subsidised by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) with 430,000 EUR. In the near future, green buildings are also on the agenda of upcoming geothermal and solar thermal research projects to focus both on the applicability and the ROI of tropically adopted green buildings in order to bring down CO2 emissions and create more thermal comfort at reasonable costs. With his management and green focus, Prof. Wagner joined UniKL in March 2012.

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