T. Syahrul Reza, S.E., M.M.

T. Syahrul Reza, SE, MM

born in East Aceh on October 12, 1962

completed the elementary to high school education in the native land.

Bachelor of Economics (SE) achieved in 1986 at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) in Yogyakarta

Master of Management (MM) achieved in 2000 in STIE "Indonesian Gold" (now the University of ARS International) Bandung.

Ph.D from University of Management Sciences Government Satyagama Jakarta (In Progress )

HP 08161816 361
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Lecturer and Associate Professor in the College of Administrative Sciences Mandala Indonesia (STIAMI) Jakarta, Director of Mandala International Education Service and Leadpreneurship Institute (MELI), President Director of PT. National Mandala - STIAMI Corporation, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Lecturers Association (ADI), Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Association of Private Universities of Indonesia (APTISI), MPP Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) Field of Entrepreneurship and Young Scholars, the official representatives of several universities in Malaysia between Another Universiti Selangor (Unisel), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UNIKL), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Multimedia University (MMU).

In addition, the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Community (KEM) Indonesia is also often asked to be a guest speaker in various seminars and radio programs.

Some books that have been made ​​include Entrepreneurship (Entrerpreneurship), Introduction to Marketing Public Relations , Entrepreneurial Venture , Essay Writing Practical Techniques and Following Final Assembly , Leadpreneurship, Public Relations, Personality Development: Developing Potential, Business Feasibility Analysis, and PR and Responsibilities Corporate Social Responsibility. books Entrepreneurial Venture is written in English with two lecturers from Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UNIKL) Malaysia.

Currently living in Taman Indah Narogong Jln. Bojong Bekasi Timur Permai 17116 Tel. / Fax.: 021 8210134. STIAMI Campus Address Office in Jln. Base Asem Kingdom 55 Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.


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